The New Pendulum Look

A brand new visual expression of our mission is here

4 min readDec 12, 2022

After working hard for months with our marketing team alongside a visual branding agency, we are entering 2023 with a brand-new look! We are excited to share the new branding with our community and would love everyone’s feedback as it evolves.

The Pendulum Story

Since our inception, our mission has been to build the missing link between fiat and DeFi. Hence the name ‘Pendulum’ was chosen to represent the swing from traditional finance to decentralized finance. But how to communicate this visually? Take a peak at the evolution of our new logo below:

When we look at the world’s most powerful brands, they all share one logo trait: simplicity. Think Apple, McDonald’s, Microsoft, etc. Our new logo can encapsulate the merging of centralized finance with decentralized finance as well as capture the pendulum swing momentum — all in a simple fashion. Our logo introduction can tell the whole story in more depth:

The evolution in our brand storytelling can be seen when we compare the new logo to our previous logo:

Order & Chaos

We worked with the Wirelab branding agency to explore what makes Pendulum unique as a brand and how to communicate it. The graphics below are an evolution of the pendulum-like imagery we have used in the past.

The imagery depicts the intersection of order and chaos. A mix of yin and yang. Traditional finance strongly emphasizes trust, order, rules, compliance, and structure. These concepts are shown in the graphic by the vast array of tiny circles combining to make an orderly shape. In contrast, decentralized finance has an emphasis on innovation, creativity, and disruption. These concepts are shown through the explosion of dots in the bottom left corner. The explosive dots disrupt the image enough to make it exciting but maintain something recognizable overall. In essence, this is what Pendulum chain is all about — fintech companies building recognizable financial services on DeFi while benefiting from the new creative use cases.

“At Pendulum, we are building the blockchain infrastructure for Forex liquidity. Our new branding shows the boldness of this ambition. The balancing act of connecting the two very different worlds of traditional and decentralized finance requires a strong infrastructure, trusted flexibility, and scalable simplicity”

Daniel Kisluk, CMO at Pendulum.

Coloring the Message

Our new brand color palette comprises five core colors: tolopea, light tolopea, tranquil, bright turquoise, and white. The deep and light purple colors signify ambition, wisdom, and transformation. At the same time, the shades of blue and white add calmness, trust, and tranquility. Having two different shades of both purple and blue (a stronger and softer shade) gives the brand the breadth and balance it needs as a connector of two worlds (traditional finance and decentralized finance).

You can find our new brand assets here to download.


December 2022 is a big month for Pendulum; as our branding begins to blossom, so will our technology after securing a Polkadot parachain. You can join the Pendulum Polkadot crowdloan waitlist here for a 10% bonus in PEN tokens on your contributions for the crowdloan scheduled for Friday, 16th December. Feel free to swing by our Telegram or Discord channels and give us your feedback and thoughts on the new branding, as well as ask any questions about the crowdloan!

About Amplitude

Pioneering the internet of fiat. Amplitude is the sister network of Pendulum on Kusama. It will act as a testing ground for Pendulum applications and network parameters and be powered by the AMPE token.

About Pendulum

Building the missing link between fiat and DeFi through a fiat-optimized smart contract blockchain based on Polkadot’s Substrate. Allowing traditional finance fiat services to integrate with DeFi applications such as specialized forex AMMs, lending protocols, or yield farming opportunities. Developed by SatoshiPay.

Keep your eyes on the Pendulum!

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