Pendulum roadmap: testnet, mainnet, and beyond

Following the recent launch of the Pendulum prototype, we are excited to announce the first version of our roadmap.

Release early, release often

To be as transparent as possible with our progress, we will roll out the Pendulum testnet already in its earliest stages. This testnet playground will be an environment for the curious to explore upcoming features and get a feel for what the Pendulum platform will offer.


✔️ Prototype

We have already released a proof-of-concept, single-node network prototype. You can try it out yourself by reading the documentation here. The prototype development was supported with an R&D grant from the Stellar Development Foundation.


  • Single-node network and Stellar bridge
  • Stellar bridge that mirrors pre-defined Stellar assets
  • Automated market maker (AMM) written in the ink! smart contract language (watch the AMM demo)

The next stage is to bring the testnet to a point where the developer experience is smoother.

Testnet alpha

The Pendulum testnet alpha version is a barebones, MVP network that allows any developer and entrepreneur to come in and tinker.


  • Faucet for Pendulum gas tokens
  • Multi-node network
  • Decentralized bridge to Stellar that is able to mirror any arbitrary Stellar asset
  • Docker image for easy node deployment

Naturally, we want to begin decentralization already, and we do so by adding more nodes to the network. To simplify the testnet deployment, we will in the early days operate these nodes and then invite external node operators to participate at the beta stage.

Testnet beta

With the beta version, we begin the journey towards a truly decentralized, dynamic network, where tokenomics, governance structures, and fundamental technological layer are put to the test.


  • Fully decentralized and dynamic Stellar bridge, which means nodes and enter and exit at will (after a cooling period). More details on the plans for the bridge will follow in another blog post.
  • Governance mechanism
  • Integration with the Kusama/Polkadot testnet network(s)

In the final stages of the beta version, as we develop the testnet v1.0 as a release candidate for the mainnet launch, developers and entrepreneurs are invited to join the network so the project builders are ready from day zero of the mainnet.

Mainnet and beyond

For a successful mainnet launch, the network must be entirely decentralized and robust. The Stellar bridge must support an arbitrary number of nodes, the network must support a certain throughput level, and the governance structures in place. The Pendulum mainnet will integrate with the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem, which gives access to some of the most exciting opportunities in the DeFi space today.

As the crypto-space is ever-expanding and very dynamic, it is only natural that Pendulum will adapt to its environment, so the above plans are not set in stone. We will publish an expanded version of this roadmap in the future.

Since this roadmap is still a work in progress, your feedback is much appreciated, and we encourage you to participate in the further development of the Pendulum network. Do get in touch with us if you have any comments or suggestions.

Twitter: @pendulum_chain




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