October Ecosystem Roundup

Hot News 📰

Pendulum community has been buzzing about our upcoming parachain slot auctions, which will happen on the 16th of December 2022.

Amplitude Development Updates ☝🏼

Amplitude’s growth has been booming this month! With dozen of development updates, it is closer to the final step of rollout and decentralization.

1. Portal update

Amplitude Portal is closer to release every day.

2. New RPC Endpoint

Calling out the old RPC endpoint users, Amplitude launched a new RPC endpoint with a load balancer for faster request response times, so don’t miss the update!

3. XCM update

Cross-channel messaging is a new era of communication between parachains. Transferring tokens from one parachain to another via XCM is all the hype in DotSama right now.

4. Bidirectional HRMP channel

We’ve been teasing for some time now. It’s time for the reveal!

Demo of Spacewalk 👩‍🚀

Based on our previous article, let us refresh your memories of the revolutionary role of Spacewalk in the Dotsama Ecosystem.

Collator Program is live ☀️

We have launched the Amplitude Collator Program!

Community Call & AMAs ☎️

1. Polkadot Insider

We have the honor to be the speaker in Polkadot Insider’s AMA and talked about Pendulum & Amplitude.

2. Community Call 6: New projects on DOT

We’re excited to bring you into this immersive community call, in which we’ll explore who’s next in line for a Polkadot parachain lease.

3. Community call 7: Meet the Amplitude Collators

As you know, Polkadot is an ecosystem with a lot of different types of nodes. One of the most important ones is the collator.

Events 🍻

1. Future Blockchain Summit- 10–14 Oct 2022

Pendulum’s co-founders @meinharrd and @PendulumAlex were at #FutureBlockchainSummit in Dubai, sharing Pendulum’s vision and our achievements with the world.

2. Meridian- 12 Oct 2022

Our CTO @torstenmove attends Stellar #Meridian2022 as a panelist to talk about blockchain interoperability, and also demonstrated how Spacewalk is moving us toward a more connected blockchain space!

Polkadot Blockchain Academy 2022 📖

The Polkadot Blockchain Academy will be held for a month, from 10 Jan — 10 Feb 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But what’s more exciting is that the team from Pendulum is on the roster!

Twitter Growth Milestone 🌱

As we are coming to the end of this article, we want to express our excitement and gratitude for the growth of Pendulum’s community. The first milestone that we hit was 10k followers at the beginning of October, and it’s incredible to see how much work all of you have put into helping us grow!

Stay updated with us 🔔

That’s a wrap-up for this month!



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