October Ecosystem Roundup

7 min readNov 7, 2022


October has come to a close, we are gladly presenting you our fruits of labor in October. It’s been an exciting month, and we love to give you a window into our activities and progress. This month is jam-packed with development updates, community interactions, portal sneak peek, and more.

So let’s take a moment, and look back at what happened in October. Now, sit back and enjoy the ride with us!

Hot News 📰

Pendulum community has been buzzing about our upcoming parachain slot auctions, which will happen on the 16th of December 2022.

The crowdloan will help Pendulum to launch on the Polkadot ecosystem. We are excited about this move, which is the first step in bringing high-quality fiat tokens into a single powerful DeFi network.

And this will open up a lot of opportunities for both DeFi products and traditional finance such as AMM, yield earning opportunities, and decentralized forex.

In November, we will release more details about the crowdloan, rewards, ways to participate, etc. So stay tuned and don’t miss the opportunity to get involved early for surprising rewards!

Amplitude Development Updates ☝🏼

Amplitude’s growth has been booming this month! With dozen of development updates, it is closer to the final step of rollout and decentralization.

1. Portal update

Amplitude Portal is closer to release every day.

The portal will be the one-stop hub for interacting with dApps and services, allowing you to read your wallet balances and see the overview of our collators. Another core feature is that Polkadot.js & Talisman Wallet are also supported in our portal!

And of course, we know you are excited as we are, so here’s a sneak peek for you ;)

2. New RPC Endpoint

Calling out the old RPC endpoint users, Amplitude launched a new RPC endpoint with a load balancer for faster request response times, so don’t miss the update!

3. XCM update

Cross-channel messaging is a new era of communication between parachains. Transferring tokens from one parachain to another via XCM is all the hype in DotSama right now.

We’ve been testing XCM transfers on our testnet with great results! This means that soon, you’ll be able to transfer $AMPE smoothly from one parachain to another via XCM.

4. Bidirectional HRMP channel

We’ve been teasing for some time now. It’s time for the reveal!

The first bidirectional HRMP channel between Amplitude and Bifrost Finance has been established on our testnet. This allows for direct communication between chains, another step towards a more connected space!

Demo of Spacewalk 👩‍🚀

Based on our previous article, let us refresh your memories of the revolutionary role of Spacewalk in the Dotsama Ecosystem.

Spacewalk is the first bridge between the Stellar network and the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystems, which opens up a flow of stable tokens from the Stellar network.

Pendulum’s engineering team is proud to present a demo of a key component of the Spacewalk bridge: the Stellar Oracle.

This first-of-its-kind, trust-minimized oracle relays transactions and their relevant consensus messages on Stellar to the target blockchain. Check out the demo video down here!

Collator Program is live ☀️

We have launched the Amplitude Collator Program!

Now, our community members have the chance to become an essential part of Pendulum & Amplitude infrastructure and play a significant role in the decentralization of traditional finance in the future.

The collators will be earning up to 11% yearly rewards for running nodes and maintaining the network. So, if you want to become a collator and learn more about the details, do check out the article below!

Community Call & AMAs ☎️

1. Polkadot Insider

We have the honor to be the speaker in Polkadot Insider’s AMA and talked about Pendulum & Amplitude.

In this talk, we mainly talked about Amplitude launch status, when Pendulum will be launched on Polkadot and what are our new plans for Pendulum’s development!

Get a load of it!

2. Community Call 6: New projects on DOT

We’re excited to bring you into this immersive community call, in which we’ll explore who’s next in line for a Polkadot parachain lease.

It was our pleasure to bring DotCountry, Manta Network, InvArch, and Gear Technologies to the round-table and deep dive into their project!

Each of them has given us an interesting introduction, overview, and insight into their development. We took a detour through their projects and put the recaps in this thread, so give it a read-up if you missed the call!

3. Community call 7: Meet the Amplitude Collators

As you know, Polkadot is an ecosystem with a lot of different types of nodes. One of the most important ones is the collator.

We bring Amplitude’s collators to the community call this time and we discussed the types the nodes in Dotsama, how the transaction is processed by all the nodes, their roles in XCM messaging, and so on.

Each of our collators also shared a few tips with the community on choosing good validators to delegate your tokens to, and what kinds of things to look out for when doing due diligence.

This call is packed with great stuff! Don’t miss out on the golden nuggetssss!

Events 🍻

1. Future Blockchain Summit- 10–14 Oct 2022

Pendulum’s co-founders @meinharrd and @PendulumAlex were at #FutureBlockchainSummit in Dubai, sharing Pendulum’s vision and our achievements with the world.

2. Meridian- 12 Oct 2022

Our CTO @torstenmove attends Stellar #Meridian2022 as a panelist to talk about blockchain interoperability, and also demonstrated how Spacewalk is moving us toward a more connected blockchain space!

A big thanks to @StellarOrg for hosting this amazing event and working hard towards a more connected blockchain space!

Polkadot Blockchain Academy 2022 📖

The Polkadot Blockchain Academy will be held for a month, from 10 Jan — 10 Feb 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But what’s more exciting is that the team from Pendulum is on the roster!

Our instructors include advisor Alexander Theißen, advisor Michael Müller, CTO Torsten Stüber, and lead engineer Gonza Montiel.

This academy is the perfect ground to equip engineers with the necessary knowledge to build blockchains and help speed up the adoption of web3 technology. So if you are curious-minded and interested in this program, check the link for full details, including curriculum, instructors, and testimonials!

Last but not least, a huge shoutout to @Polkadot & @Parity for organizing this to onboard devs into web3! Thank you for constantly bringing great stuff to the world.

Twitter Growth Milestone 🌱

As we are coming to the end of this article, we want to express our excitement and gratitude for the growth of Pendulum’s community. The first milestone that we hit was 10k followers at the beginning of October, and it’s incredible to see how much work all of you have put into helping us grow!

We’re thrilled to see what comes next for Pendulum as we continue to grow and develop, but for now, we’re just excited to have this amazing community to grow together.

So thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support and trust — we wouldn’t be here without you!

Stay updated with us 🔔

That’s a wrap-up for this month!

And November will be another hustle month for our team to bring Pendulum to the moon, we will make sure to bring in more exciting and great news to you.

And of course, keep an eye on our upcoming crowdloan details update that will be shared mainly on Twitter, newsletter, Medium, Telegram, and Discord.

Thanks for the time to catch up with us. We hope you enjoyed this curated round-up article!

Cheers and keep well! 🙌




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