Forex on DeFi: The Inescapable Future of Trading

4 min readAug 3, 2023


The Forex market, one of the world’s largest and most influential financial markets, facilitates an average of $6.6 trillion in daily trading volume. In this article, we’ll take a look at how DeFi can make Forex faster, cheaper, and better for all stakeholders.

DeFi: A New Frontier in Forex Trading

The financial landscape is undergoing a radical transformation with the advent of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Representing the cutting edge in fintech innovation, DeFi espouses principles of robustness, openness, and transparency by leveraging public blockchains and immutable computer code that governs financial transactions. The intrinsic characteristics of DeFi align well with the needs of the Forex market, creating a compelling case for DeFi’s potential to address the market’s long-standing issues effectively. The January 2023 Uniswap and Curve Onchain Forex paper explored these benefits in depth.

Leveraging Stablecoins for Forex Transactions

Within the DeFi sphere, payment stablecoins pegged to major fiat currencies such as the U.S. Dollar have emerged as a practical tool for Forex transactions. Offering a stable value peg, these digital currencies are being used to deliver faster settlement speeds, reduced transaction costs, and diminished settlement risks.

Stablecoins hold the potential to revolutionize cross-border transactions, international payments, and remittances by providing a stable and reliable medium for these transactions. The Pendulum team is bridging fiat stablecoins to Polkadot with the Spacewalk bridge so they can interact with Forex and DeFi.

Nabla: the Next Step in Innovative DeFi dApps

In the burgeoning DeFi ecosystem, Forex infrastructure like Nabla are coming into the fray. Nabla is a Forex-optimized Automated Market Maker (AMM) being built on Pendulum that caters to both stablecoins and real-world assets. Its novel architecture offers optimal capital efficiency while minimizing market-making risks. By providing single-sided token liquidity provision, Nabla facilitates low-risk participation for liquidity providers and ensures low-cost swaps for traders. Nabla is aiming to become the on-chain liquidity hub for stablecoins, particularly for more uncommon ones such as the Brazilian BRL and Tanzanian TZS, which currently lack representation in the crypto space.

The transformative potential of DeFi in the Forex market extends beyond enhancing cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency. DeFi, and more specifically on-chain Forex trading, has a pivotal role to play in promoting financial inclusion worldwide. Platforms like Pendulum are at the forefront of this movement in collaboration with stablecoins and Fintechs in Latin America and Africa. These regions, historically underserved by traditional financial systems, now have an opportunity to benefit from access to decentralized financial services.

Pendulum’s growing ecosystem of global stablecoins

The Future of Trading: Forex on DeFi

The disruptive impact of DeFi and blockchain technologies on the traditional Forex market is profound. While the current systems are laden with inefficiencies and obstacles, DeFi promises a future where Forex trading is quicker, less costly, open 24/7, and more widely accessible.

Admittedly, there are barriers to adoption that need to be addressed, such as the development of user-friendly interfaces, provision of secure custody solutions, and achievement of regulatory clarity. However, as the DeFi ecosystem evolves and overcomes these hurdles, the future of trading seems inevitably headed towards Forex on DeFi.

In conclusion, as the financial sector continues to evolve, it’s incumbent upon stakeholders, investors, and even casual observers to stay abreast of these changes. The emerging DeFi landscape presents a wealth of opportunities and will fundamentally reshape the future of Forex trading. Those who adapt quickly will undoubtedly reap the benefits of this seismic shift in global finance. Now is the best time to join the Pendulum socials and take part in bridging the gap between TradFi and DeFi!

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